Back At The Homestead

I am happy to report that Don and Rye had a good weekend together while I was in New York.  Don said by Monday Rye was really starting to wind up but I came home that night so Rye decompressed with me for a while and then went to bed.  And, surprisingly enough, I have not received the usual days long backlash I typically get after I go out of town (which is Rye holding in all of his fears and anxiety and then really giving me hell for a few days afterward).  So…so far, so good.

In other news, we found out yesterday from the results of the previous blood work that Rye is anemic (iron) and very deficient in Vitamin D.  So he has to start iron supplements and prescription strength Vitamin D supplements.  The doctor said these deficiencies could be affecting (is it effecting or affecting?)  his mood.  We’ll see.

Next Monday we go to the Neurologist to see about seizures.  Progress there.

Tomorrow Rye starts boxing lessons with a one-on-one boxing trainer in a real boxing gym.  Should be interesting.  The guy said if nothing else if Rye sticks with it he will be in the best shape of his life and get out some aggression.  Sounds good to me.  And obviously hits to the head are out for us .  God knows we already have enough issues in that area.

And homeschooling seems to fit Rye for now.  He is far more relaxed and pleasant that he was while in regular school.  Yesterday we went to homeschool day at a local plantation to see how things were done at the time the plantation was thriving.  It was cool.  They had the costumed presenters, live demonstrations, etc.  At first Rye was not into it and thought it was going to be stupid and only for little kids but I’ve learned not to listen to that nonsense and 5 minutes into it he was having a great time.  He even said how he’d like to work there in a few years.  The kid loves to be outdoors and loves to work outdoors.  And I love homeschool days.   Not that there is a ton to do around here but the things there are to do all have homeschool days where you get to go during the week with no crowds at much discounted prices so that works for me.  I always really enjoy them.