Charlie Sheen Roast on Comedy Central: Review

Oh my gosh, did you by any chance see this last night?  I’m guessing if you had anything better to do at all you didn’t.  But for me, Rye was in bed with a cold and I was up late bored so I watched it.


Here are my thoughts:

What a train wreck.  I’m so curious as to why they did this now.  Money and ego, I guess, but it sure seems way too early to pronounce him as a comeback.  At most he can only have a few months sober.  And if he really did want a comeback, I’m not sure this helped his cause by any stretch of the imagination.

The guest panel looked like a focus group for dual diagnosis treatment follow up.   With the exception William Shatner, who I really like, and the blond female comedian, who I’d now like to see in some other venue, all of the rest of them were like WTF?  I guess that was the best they could do.

It would have been better if they could have had Dr. Drew on there as a commentator analyzing, asking questions, and overall commentating.  Now that would have been interesting to watch.  But I’m guessing no sane person, Dr. Drew included, wanted to touch that tribute with a ten foot pole.  And with good reason.

As for the jokes, is this situation really something to joke about?  I mean, honestly, Charlie Sheen’s kids are going to be in therapy forever.   Maybe not right now, but trust me, this will catch up with them and him.  Hearing  jokes about your dad doing excessive drugs, engaging in excessive sex, abusing women, abusing their moms, being a whore monger, enjoying anonymous sex, acting crazy, being ungrateful for what he has, not giving a care in the world about his kids, being an overall ass, and on and on and on really isn’t that funny.  Trust me, to them it won’t be funny.

As for Brooke Mueller, his ex-wife who was in the audience laughing along, God help her.  And her kids.  I mean at least Denise Richards has dignity, intelligence, and some sense so I think her kids will be fine.  Brooke and Charlie’s kids are going to have a bumpy ride with those two as parents and her supporting him and their chosen lifestyle over the kids’ safety and sense of well being.

Steve O.  He made me sad.  He had such a sad look in his eyes it broke my heart.  He has a long journey ahead.  And the fact that he voluntarily ran into Mike Tyson’s fist not once but twice trying to get a black eye speaks volumes.  About the whole evening, really.

I kind of felt sorry for Mike Tyson too.  Don’t ask me why but I did.  I think he struggles far more than he lets on.

Charlie mentioned at the end of the roast that his family was not there to support him.  He gave a slight nod to the fact that he understood  why but then just barreled forward.  I say good for them.  Someone needs to have some sense here.  If my son put me through hell and back with his actions and then wanted to celebrate himself and his actions a few months later in a ‘me-me-me, celebrate me’ public format, I would not go either.  What is there to celebrate?  They are probably still completely reeling from the damage and mortifed by his compete lack of gratitute for what he has and lack of compassion and insight into what he has put his family through.

Overall, I think you would have had to have been intoxicated, completely manic, or a middle school boy to really enjoy this show and enjoy the humor in it.  That said, I’m not even sure a middle school boy would have liked it.  Rye has a biodad very similar to Charlie Sheen and I can tell you that Rye would not have found this funny and would have felt sorry for Sheen’s kids.  The kids are the ones that pay the price.

Charlie Sheen says he is proud of the fact that nothing he has done to date has killed him and that even he can’t kill himself.  The rest of the world looks on, looks past the literal, and says,